In 2020, iSoftBet’s Majestic Megaways slot game will be released to positive reviews.

The second Megaways game from the developer, this slot machine with an African theme has subsequently been replicated by a number of other companies. Despite the fairly conventional features, the main mechanics of Majestic Megaways were brought back for games like Shining King Megaways and The Ruby Megaways. So, sure, players may once again experience the same elements in an African setting with Majestic Gold Megaways. This time around, however, the ‘Gold’ feature includes an additional betting option, a symbol transformation system, and a gamble round that can enhance the amount of free spins received and the initial win multiplier.

Majestic Gold Megaways also benefits from iSoftBet’s updated visuals, which can be seen in the game’s backdrop. The game’s opening animation is quite well done; it takes the player to a warm part of Africa, complete with flaming sky, birds, hills, giraffes, acacia trees, and so on. The enormous game grid powered by Megaways and the two optional gambling buttons make it difficult to see the many improvements over the original. The soundtrack hasn’t been changed much, which is OK because iSoftBet perfectly captured the tranquil Lion King-style beat that is typical of these kind of games. In conclusion, Majestic Gold Megaways is a great option if you like African-themed slots.

The gaming screen has 6 regular reels and 1 additional tracker reel. With the possibility of up to seven symbols on the main reels and four spots on the tracker, players have up to 117,649 ways to win. A meter in the top left of the screen keeps score of the fluctuating number. The return to player (RTP) is 96.17%, which is somewhat higher than the original Majestic slot machine. Whether you choose the default setting or activate the extra Gold Bet, your expected return will remain the same. If you place a Gold Bet, your wager will rise by 50%, and you’ll only need three scatter symbols instead of four to activate the bonus round.

iSoftBet has left the paytable’s symbols and their values mostly unchanged. At the bottom, we have 9-A royals, buffalo, rhinos, elephants, and lions making a comeback. If you get six premium symbols, you’ll win two to five times your wager. Wilds can be used in place of any other symbol on the tracking reel to create winning combinations.

Slot Game Characteristics: Royal Megaways

iSoftBet did a great job of incorporating both fresh and classic elements into Majestic Gold Megaways. The game’s many bonuses include cascades, mystery symbols, Max Megaways, free spins with a gamble function and an unlimited win multiplier, Golden Lion symbol upgrades, and the chance to buy more bonuses.

Successes Snowball

The cascade mechanism eliminates winning symbols from the reels and replaces them with adjacent symbols. The method can continue to generate new victories until there are no more possible combinations.

Unsolved Symbols

Any one spin might reveal anything from one to several hidden symbols. When one of them is struck, a symbol appears that is similar to all the others. Anything besides the wild card or the bonus symbol.

A. Max Megaways

On any given spin, this bonus might activate. When turned on, the grid is automatically filled to a maximum of 117,649 possible winning configurations.

Bonus Turns

When playing at the standard bet level, 10 or 15 free games are awarded when 4 or 5 bonus symbols appear. As previously stated, if the Gold Bet is in play, this number decreases to either 3 or 4. When the bonus round is activated, the player is given the option to risk either the initial multiplier or the amount of free spins. Two separate wheels, each with alternating red and green segments, are used for wagering. If you get a green section, you get an extra spin or a +1 multiplier. The maximum number of spins you may get after gambling is 20, and the maximum initial multiplier is x10. If either wheel stops on red while gambling, the bonus round is over and the game returns to normal. Every time you have a winning cascade while playing with free spins, the limitless win multiplier will rise by 1.

Distinguished Lion Award

Whenever you win a round of free spins, the Golden Lion Feature will activate. When the highest paying lion symbol appears, the payout is taken. The least valuable premium symbol on the reels is transformed into a lion symbol and +3 free spins are awarded for every 20 lions gathered.

Stunning Wager

Players may purchase their way to more spins for free by clicking the Majestic Bet button. The price tag for doing so is 75 times the initial wager. The rate of return on investing in the feature is 96.85%.

The Final Say on Majestic Gold Megaways Slots

The ‘Gold’ in Majestic Gold Megaways is appropriately descriptive of this game’s quality. The first version of the Majestic Megaways slot machine was very standard, albeit it was nicely crafted and worked without a hitch. Must have been popular with gamers to inspire imitations and now this “Gold” edition. The updates by iSoftBet get the ‘Gold’ designation, which is wonderful news. Players that enjoy trying their luck with more risk alternatives may find Majestic Gold Megaways appealing, and not only African culture buffs.

It’s possible that the version we tested had an error, or that the new gamble function is still in beta, but it did have an intriguing peculiarity. The odds of landing on green increased with each winning wager since the red area of the wheel remained the same size or shrank. Typically, traits of this type act in the reverse direction, increasing the probabilities as they advance. Perhaps this is a glitch that needs fixing, but it allowed us to begin almost all free spins with a healthy multiplier.

The brand-new option to change symbols in a Pink Elephants-like fashion is a great bonus, too. Few, if any, symbols could be changed before the round concluded. Those who are brave enough to risk their bonus spins in a wager stand to gain more than just a longer bonus round if they win. Thanks to these upgrades, the maximum payout on Majestic Gold Megaways is now 50,000 times the initial wager.

Thanks to iSoftBet’s enhancements, this slot plays like a true ‘Gold’ edition. Compared to its forerunner, Majestic Gold Megaways is more robust, flexible, promising, and aesthetically beautiful.






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